A Five Second Search...

Fernanda & Matan

Match #: 3649 & 3650

I had joined JWed some years back, Fernanda had only recently joined.

JWed provided me with a “Free Trial” and the Search for my soulmate ….took me 5 seconds …to identify what seemed like an amazing woman named Fernanda!

We started to talk the very same day!

The day after, I put together a package for Fernanda - rolls, doughnuts (was Chanukah) – and of course some flowers and a Shabbat Shalom note.

Why? - Because she was locked in a hotel due to covid pandemic!

Ten months later I proposed to Fernanda and we plan to get married this June in Israel

We thank JWed for being part of our love story!

Check out our website! www.FernandaAndMatan.com