Never give up!

Jeffrey Fischer & BATYA COHEN

Match #: 761 & 762

I was browsing JWed, and emailed Batya after seeing her profile, not knowing that it was the same person I had contacted on other Jewish dating services!
Batya decided to email me back.  We communicated online again for a little while and I tried calling Batya.
This time, we hit it off and we had a good time!
In October, I happen to have been flying through Detroit (where she lives) after returning my son to his mother, so I extended the layover time so we could meet.
So, we met at the airport and had a hotel “Shidduch” date.  She bought takeout with her.  We had a very nice time at the airport.  Batya told me recently that before we met at the airport, she was questioning whether she really wanted to meet me because I sounded boring on the phone and that if it did not go well, then we were not going to meet again when she came to NYC the following week (I live in NJ).
After that date, I called her that night, when I got back to NJ, told her how great of a time that I had and asked her if she would go out with me again when she comes to NYC and she said yes.  So after the Shabbos that she was in NYC, I flew out to Detroit just about every week until Chanukah when she came back to NYC.  I proposed to her on the last day of Chanukah.  When Batya came for Chanukah, my son who is 4 yo, met her daughter who is 2 years and they hit it off big time.
I have learned one lesson from this beautiful relationship.  If the relationship is Beshert, Hashem will find a way to make it work!