Just When You're Ready to Give Up!...

Dorene from Edison, NJ & Arnie from Lakewood Township, NJ

Match #: 3645 & 3646

I must say, I was happy being and living the life of a single woman, enjoying all my freedom...

My children told me to get off JWed as all the men I'd been dating wanted to marry!

So, I went on to unsubscribe and "hearing" my mother's voice, gave it a last ditch try.

I selected the most good looking guy, with a profile that met all my wishes... a devoted father, centered on Yiddishkeit, and a musician!

I wrote that we were, "Kindred Spirits", as I am an artist.

We emailed, phoned and then went out on our 1st date where we saw and heard fireworks.

Literally and figuratively. Our actual 1st date was the 4th of July - a fireworks display!
And the rest as they say is history.....we were B"H married.