Five Years in the Making!

Surrie & Barry

Match #: 3719 & 3720

I started communicating with Surrie about five years ago we emailed etc. but at the time we both got busy with our lives.

Surrie was attending to elderly parents in Florida and I was involved with my daughters.

At some point I stopped being a Premium Member, sort of taking a break.

Sometime later, JWed happened to fortunately offer me a Premium Trial and I revisited past correspondence.

Surrie was receptive, we communicated back and forth and later gave me her number.

We had our first date April 3 to celebrate her birthday.
Once actually going out we developed a strong relation soon after. We both appreciated what the other offered.

Surrie and I are both from the Bronx, and both of us attended Queens College.

Surrie has never been married and I am a Kohen who was divorced 17 years ago. We are planning a 11/20 wedding B”H!