From England to NJ to LA

Alanna Ben-David (38) from Los Angeles & Nir (43) from New Jersey

Match #: 3319 & 3320

Eleven years ago when I first got divorced, I wondered where my beshert was. I kept wondering each one of the past eleven years. But the people we were would not have come together to be the couple we are today. I was
in a dark place a few years ago, after a broken engagement, and was ready to give up on dating altogether. My son kept telling me not to give up and my family said I would change my mind. A month after my firm conviction, I met Nir. I liked his profile which started with “ladies, I’m an ex-chef and yes, I can cook for you”. I thought, why not give it a shot? I sent a message asking “does warming up Tabachnik’s soup count as cooking”? And so our messaging began. Nir had only logged onto JWed that day to delete his dating profile when he saw that he had a message from me. We chose each other and accept each other as the people we are, not the people we want each other to be. I am grateful to Hashem for bringing us to this point because the journey we both started on was vastly different than the lives we both lead today. Hashem should bless each one of you with the person you are looking for with revealed blessings.