Who Would Have Beleived

Pearl Phillips from Brooklyn & Beryl (David) from West Hempstead

Match #: 3305 & 3306

16 years ago I was looking on line at 1:00 a’m. To see if there were any new faces. I had been divorced for 7 years and decided I had to focus. Well I came upon Cuddly Bear and I send him my subject phrase:
Keep it short and Simple. Well we wrote back and forth l, found out we knew many people in common so we stepped up to talking on the phone. After a few weeks we decided to meet, in Beryls words let’s get ice cream, it was summer time. Then I called a friend from west Hempstead who said “Beryl great guy, will never work”! Why? “ your fancy Brooklyn he’s laid back West Hempstead “.
Our date was set, what did I have to loose.
Low and behold I almost fainted!! I was all dressed up he was in jeans, tee shirt, and sneakers, over weight too! This was not good !
We did go for ice cream I got low fat yogurt he got regular ice cream! Then we walked, I never talk d so much in my life I was in shock! My poor Beryl who is known to monopolize a conversation asked me “do you ever come up for air”!
I came home said good night closed the door and said to myself “this will never happen again “.
We did keep up a little on line since he was chatty but I kept my options open.
I registered for a singles weekend, and yes Beryl showed up Mozai Shabbos we talked then he asked me could he call. There was really no reason to say no
The following week he called, he asked me out , my response “do you know how to dress”?
Ever since then “I” have been dressing him. His quote is “what do I want to wear today dear”? He’s lost weight and today he is very put together and clothes conscious and Bh we just celebrated our 15th anniversary 👏
Together we have an amazing blended family 6 of my children 3 of his and Bh many grandchildren & great grandchildren. There is nothing our children wouldn’t do for one another. The “title STEP SIBLINGS” is long gone from our vocabulary
We are BH one very happy family, all because I went “trolling “ on JWed J Wed