Love Has No Expiration Date

Deborah Silbiger (64) & Stephen Silbiger (71)

Match #: 3309 & 3310

i was a single woman who had been widowed twice.. When I look back on it, I'm still not sure what prompted me to start dating again. Maybe it was the loving memories of my past husbands ,or the stability my children were enjoying in their own successful marriages, I suppose it could also be that I felt like flotsam on the sea of life, floating back and forth between my kids and grand kids. Everything seemed disconnected. When I went home at night, there was no one waiting for me. I guess I just finally came to the realization that life is very short and that spending it alone with no one by my side was just too depressing. i gave it some serious thought and decided that if someone special were out there for me, he wouldn't be able to find me unless I put myself out there,
What better place then JWed for finding him?
So, I set up my profile, uploaded my best pictures, took a deep breath and paid my membership fee.
I was surprised at how fun it all was. Okay, i had a lot to get used to, but it was nice to look forward to adult company. I accepted every date that came my way, and, believe it or not, It only took a few weeks for Stephen to find me. My timing must have been good, because the month that I signed up, my Stephen did too.
He told me he thought I was pretty and that he was intrigued by my profile.He also added that he thought we might have something in common. We agreed that we were dating for marriage, so I wasn't sure i wanted to go out with him. He was from MD, and I was living in the tri-state area. i wasn't sure I wanted to live so far away from my family.. However, he reassured me that he was looking forward to moving up north to be near his son when he retired.
We met on a summer sunday, I remember we shared a chinese lunch and then we went for a walk in the park by a duck pond. At first I was very nervous, but as we got to know each other I became more and more comfortable.We had a very nice time and spoke for hours. When he left, i really wasn't sure he would want to see me again. I thought I might have scared him off. When it comes to dating, we are our own worst enemy. All my insecurities surfaced, and i started over thinking everything.
But, like the poets say, love knows no boundaries. Isn't that great?
He called me the next day. We set up times to call, which we failed at miserably because we seemed to be calling every night.
He courted me like a true gentleman, he treated me like a real lady, and soon it became obvious that we were a couple. That Sukkote I invited Stephen and his son to come spend the Yom Tov with me and my family. Over a big family dinner, Stephen stood up to make a little toast. It was a surprise to me. i honestly didn't see it coming. He told my children he loved me and that he wanted us all to be a family. My kids were surprised as well, but they felt comfortable about our choice and Mazel Tov's were heard around the table.
Time flies so fast. It feels like yesterday that we were married that December with our nearest and dearest around us. Now, here we are. Stephen and i are working on our second year together.
This reads like a fantasy, but to me its a miracle. I never thought I'd find love for the third time.
Stephen has been divorced twice and he says I'm the love of his life. I tell him that he was not my first of anything, but that he will be my last of everything,"
We would love to go to Israel together. It would be a spiritual and romantic adventure for two older people who have picked up our pieces and started life over again in our golden years.
Oh and one more thing.
Thank you JWed for helping us meet. We may have had the bravery to put ourselves out there, but you provided the forum for us to meet.
Two loving old fogies,
Mr and Mrs Stephen Sillbiger